Saturday, March 14, 2009

Snes Codes (P-thru-S)



pac in time
7e007f50 Jump
7e008300 invincible, your energy still counts down though.
7e0b1100 no coins are needed
7e3b54a6 continuous key pick up
7e0b4fff true invincibility (Important: this code ONLY works
on SNES cartridges, it does not work on emulator)
7e0b3303 final level (Important:this code, cartridge users only.
7e0b0300 radical weapon omniscience! (this code, cartridge only)
all other codes work slightly better on cartridge.
also note: turn jump code OFF to swim or exit a level door. thanks.

7e01ec01 energy

paperboy 2
7e0da008 lives
7e0db009 papers
7e06a401 quicker recovery

peace keepers

pachio (action pachio)
7e00cc08 invincible
7e079701 invincible, type 2. most versions.

7e069440 energy

phalanx (shoot 'em up, space game)
7e08e403 shields
7e08e009 lives

Pink panther goes to hollywood
7e0201f1 invincible
7e01ff08 lives
7e020500 time
7e0269fe strange jump

7e03de07 lives
7e03d820 energy
Note: there are problem issues on cartridge version. codes
don't work, and the game freezes up.
stage select: at main menu, pres L, up, X, up, R, Y, start.
choose stage with pad, then press start. OR you can use my Gs1 files,
which already have the level select code burned in.

pirates of dark water
7e072150 energy
general note: play control in this game is tricky.
press B and right on controller to jump up hills.

7e080640 energy
7e076806 lives

Pop -n- twinbee
7e009c11 energy, player 1 7e009e11 energy, player 2.
7e04d010 invincible, he blinks though.

7ed46005 energy

porky pigs haunted holiday
Note: there are some compatibility issues. some codes
are different on cartridge, than the emulator code.
but there's good news: i have successfully converted the codes.
7e0f3101 MULTI-JUMPS
7e0f3501 multi-jumps on cartridge
7e0f36ff invincible , sorry , cartridge users only!
7e0e9a08 lives
7e0e9308 lives, on cartridge version
7e0ea604 energy
7e0eaa04 energy on cartridge version
7e0f2201 weapon
7e0f3301 special abilities, cartridge only

Power drive rally (the Jaguar version is much better though!)
7e090709 infinite time

power instinct
7e08eb20 energy

Primal rage
7e210a01 CHEAT SCREEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's right there at the start-option menu: "Cheats"

psycho dream
7e1e4010 energy




7e058208 lives




radical rex
7e1e3e5a mostly invincible. spikes still kill u.

raiden trad (shoot em up, and space games) This version of raiden
is actually better than the playstation version !!!!
7e1c5703 bombs
7e1c5903 lives

real monsters AaaaaaHHHHH
7e0d9700 another fine Mega Jump code!!!!
7e0b7a07 energy
7e0a9606 fire power
7e13e608 fishie

7e0224ff stage skip Note: I have not bothered testing
7e132b04 energy these codes on Emulators.
7e008a00 super jump
7e008800 mega jump
7e00f407 weapon

ren and stimpy: firedogs
7e00f501 time

ren and stimpy: buckaroos
7e180f04 energy
7e17db05 lives
7e18df01 invincible

ren and stimpy timewarp
7e0519ff invincible
7e051aff invincible, player 2 ?

ren and stimpy Videeiots
7e083910 time
7e080603 lives
7e080705 energy

Rise of the robots
7e063800 stop the timer
7e0f4c50 energy

road riot 4WD
7e1d8e00 + the game is now MUCH less confusing... why ??
7e1d9000 + .....because now, the enemies don't move

robocop 3
7e047738 energy
7e185405 lives

rock N roll racing
7e008100 + enemies don't move !!!!!
7e008200 +

roccos modern life
7e020202 lives Rocco is a mixture of platform and puzzler.
7e020413 energy... this game is still hard even with the codes.

7e008100 + the enemies remain still
7e008200 +
7e0a8a00 + Exploding enemies ! it's funny, the enemies blow up !!
7e0a8b00 + No Glitches either !!!
7e0f6290 no music

R-type (super R type)
7e158f02 invincible
7e16e107 lives

R-type 111(R-type 3)
7e114480 invincible

7e1f3a03 energy




samaraii showdown
7e621480 energy

separation anxiety (starring spiderman)
7e09e190 energy
7e1a39ff Invincible

shadow of the breast
7e008208 energy

simpsons, barts nightmare
7e013d02-bubblegum, 7e093803-lives, 7e013705-melon,
7e0f2702-subgame continues, 7e007603-level 4.
(this sure ain't my favorite game!)

7e17c305 lives
7e0ae504 red crystals
7e17c203 green crystals
7e17c501 cherries (7e17c504 green eggs, 7e17c503 oranges)

7ef80103 energy
7e1f0d05 weapons

smart ball
7e1e7c03 energy
7e1e7e05 lives

SMASH TENNIS (this is a Fantastic Tennis game)
7e014a01 always 1st serve

smash TV....super smash TV
7e020e01 levels
7e053105 lives
7e053206 lives, player 2
7e189906 weapon energy
7e189a08 weapon energy, player 2
7e18a9f0 INVINCIBLE ***********

snow white in happily ever after
7e022430 energy
7e020220 apples

soldier of fortune...see "chaos engine" note: built in cheat screens sometimes
7e40f050 + render AR Pro codes useless)
7e416550 energy NOTE: codes will NOT work on some hack versions.
7e130209 + 7e009209 lives

sonic the hedgehog (Yes, Sonic Hack on SNES)
7e08cc02 hearts
7e093304 time

sonic wings
7fb78c03 + INVINCIBLE
7f53f510 +
7fb79002 bombs

Space Invaders
7e039504 lives
7e043e00 the Racks don't move. cool.
7e044000 they don't fire !!!

Space megaforce
7e0be010 invincible
7e024204 level 5

spankys quest
7e00a809 lives
7e00a907 keys
7e17a9ff Too Invincible

7e0074ff Invincible
7e06910e Energy
7e016809 lives
7e072102 + pow
7e07b102 +
7e072100 kill first boss in 1 punch
7e07b100 kill second boss in 1 punch
7e076100 kill third boss in 1 punch
NOTE: these codes are meant for cartridge users.
there are many Rom versions of sparkster,
thus, the codes are problematic.

spiderman: the animated series.
(spiderman, spiderman, radioactive spiderman).
7e013205 lives
7e0eaa90 invincible
7e012209 webs
7e0eb401 slow jumps

spiderman: lethal foes
7e0e0c30 energy (not for all versions)

spriggan (shoot em up and space games)
7e1dee03 + 7eabbe03 lives
7f6b3675 invincible. NOTE:
you must turn code on while character is blinking.

star wars: return of the Jedi
7e0c5819 energy

star wars: super empire strikes back
7e01ac08 lives
7e0cf620 energy
7e0315ff Invincible
(this code works only on AR Pro & cartridges)

star wars: super star wars NOTE: emulator users, please turn codes on
7e08fb09 lives after the title screen fades. you could,
7e0a7920 energy perhaps, wait until you are in the level).
7e087224 always have jets
7e098358 start with light saber
7e098888 invincible, but he blinks
7e086e00 no jawas needed !!!
7e098504 plasma gun (my personal favorite code)
7e097806 smart guns

street fighter 2: championship edition
7e0d02ff invincible

street fighter 2
7e0C2BB0 Energy

street fighter 2: the new challanges
7e063790 invincible

strike gunnerr STG (shoot em up)
7e0253ff invincible

Super bomberman
7e0d7601 invincible
7e0db601 invincible, player 2
7e0df702 invincible, type 2
7e0d79ff walk through walls
7e0d3a59 time
7e0d7303 remote control
passwords: 1212, 1054, 4455, 7152

super bomberman 2
7e80ef10 invincible
7e80ff01 invincible, type 2.
(type 2 only works on AR pros.
it does not work on emus).

super bomberman 3
7e138f50 invincible
7e139050 invincible, type 2

super bomberman 4
7e039601 invincible excellent
7e035d09 invincible, not as good

super bomberman 5
7e170b90 invincible
7e170a90 invincible

super James pond 2
7eb13004 energy
7eb12e03 lives

Super James pond 3
7efb0503 energy

super mario all stars
Super MARIO 1--
7e075400 + 7e075602 always Fire-Mario.
Super mario Bros. 1-
7e00bb01 + 7e071201 + 7e072300
...Come Up The Top Of the screen when you fall !!!!
Super mario 1- 7e070911 high jumps
7e005c00 all levels flooded
7e074304 all cloud
Super Mario Bros 1:
Infinite Lives: 7E075A06
(These codes should also work on Mario Lost Levels.)
(When playing Super Mario 2 & 3,
don't forget to turn OFF the Mario 1 codes)
(and Vice Versa)

Super Mario bros. 2--
7e008501 invincible, type 1
7e04e101--invincible, type 2
(note: sometimes, turn code off when entering level-doors)
7e04c31f-- type 3: energy.
7e055928--run faster
7e04ca03--mega float
7e00c203--play only the 3rd.
7e00b207--level 7
7e00b607--level 7
7e00ba07--level 7

super mario bros. 3---
super mario bros 3:
7E1D800D,7E1D8101,7E1D8202, 7e1d8303,7e1d8404,7e1d8505,
7e1d8606,7e1d8707,7e1d8808, 7e1d8909,7e1d8a0a,7e1d8b0b,
7e1d8c0c------------start with ALL ITEMS
Super Mario Bros 3 (More great codes:)
7e056e30 +
Raccoon Mario can always fly WITHOUT the annoying music
(7e00bb03 always play as Raccoon Mario)
7E00BB02 always Fire Mario.
7E00BB05 Always play as Tanooki Mario(used for Cold Weather)
7E00BB06 Always Sledgehammer Mario
7e008200 + 7e005501 weird, fall Up..
cannot use this code in fortress.
7e00bf00 weird,, walk on lava. just 4 fun
7e04c504 + 7e00be02 + 7e07500f ---slow jumps
7e073607--infinite lives.

super mario kart
7e1F2380 race on ALL tracks, practice mode
7e104f80 take no hits. my favorite code. no speedup
or any other glitches either.
7e108701 mario is always invincible.
7e151910 + race a 3 cart race, instead of 8
7e141910 +
7e131910 +
7e121910 +
7e069100 all enemies stay at the starting gate.
NOTE: super mario kart codes DO NOT work on the action replay pro. these codes
work fairly well on the Game Wizard, they work brilliantly on the emulators (SNES9x, ZSNES)
these codes do not work on MK111

super mario world
7e1497ff invincible
7e1490ff blinking invincible
7E001903 Always Fire Mario
7E001902 always have the cape. (cannot be used with Fire Mario)

instant level complete (inside the box}

7E13E470 + 7e001902 heavens jump

7e0dc214 + 7e00c120 ride a cloud.
......and it also moves quickly

7e050300 + totally motionless opponents!
7e050500 +

super off-road baja
not compatible with ar pro.
check out the game genie codes for this game though.
game genie codes work on the MK 3 too.

super punch out
7e089f50 energy

super tennis
7e012000 always 1st serve.
(this is one of the greatest tennis games ever)

super turrican
7e04fb04 lives
7e04ff0c energy
7e050909 time
7e050330 wheel time
7e050a03 smart lines

super turrican 2 [ super turrican 2-version 1.1
7e0aee09 energy [ 7e194309 energy
7e0af205 lives [ 7e194707 lives

Super Nova (shoot em up and space games)
7e011309 energy

swat cats
7e1a360a energy


SNES codes list
(A and B):

(C thru E)

( F thru I)

(J- to -O)

(P Thru S)

(T to Z)

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